New Book!!! “River Basin Management in the Twenty-first Century: Understanding People and Place”

Good news for those interested in water resources management and policy! A new book is published by CRC Press, part of Taylor & Francis Group, which is called “River Basin Management in the Twenty-first Century: Understanding People and Place” edited by Victor Squires, Hugh Milner, and Katherine Daniell. It has a rich collection of various approaches to water management. The CRC Press website summarises the book’s contents as follows:

“Worldwide development of agriculture and industry creates burgeoning demands on natural resources. Management of the rivers and the surrounding landscape is one of the important tasks for today and for the foreseeable future. Lessons learned from centuries of management (and mismanagement) have been distilled into principles and practices which form the subject matter for this book. It provides both a global perspective and an entrĂ©e to the special problems associated with management of transboundary rivers.”

The first chapter of the books is written by Farhad Mukhtarov and Aleh Cherp and is entitled “The Hegemony of Integrated Water Resources Management as a Global Water Discourse”. The article is about the current status quo and the reasons for a particular policy idea to take prevalance in the world of politics. This is a very condensed version of the major argument of my Ph.D. Thesis.

You can read the abstract of the article here.

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