Supervision Experience

Research and Teaching Supervision

I have 14 years of experience in supervising research and teaching. Since 2010, I have supervised and examined over 100 MA research theses at various universities in The Netherlands (TU Delft, Utrecht, Erasmus University Rotterdam, IHE-Delft, VU Amsterdam), Singapore (National University of Singapore) and Azerbaijan (ADA University). With some of these former students, I have co-authors peer-reviewed publications.

I have worked with and guided a few dozen Research and Teaching Assistants on various research and educational projects. Some examples include working with Giulia Bisogni (research assistant) on the ODISSEI project (2021-2022), the project on analysing the OECD Water Discourses using mixed-methods, and with Mahardhika Sadjad (teaching assistant) on the MA course “Interpretive Research and Discourse Analysis” in 2022-2023. In a collaborative project with Daniele Rossi Doria, Birendra Singh and Peter Knorringa under the Research Innovation Facility of International Institute of Social Studies (ISS-RIF), I co-supervised and guided Daniele and Birendra in their research on water scarcity and social innovation in Morocco and India (2021-2023).

PhD Students

I currently serve on doctoral committees of 4 Ph.D. students — Ms. Ilaha Abasli with Professor Peter Knorringa, Ms. Beatriz Campillo with Professor Des Gasper, Ms. Fatema Baheranwala with Professor Wendy Harcourt, and Mr. Julian Naranjo, also with Professor Wendy Harcourt. I also worked with Professor Martin de Jong and Professor Michael Faure in supervision of Jiejing Shi, who stopped her dissertation. In addition, I worked with Professor Martin de Jong and Professor Jurian Edelenbos in supervision of Zhao Run. I have examined Ph.D. dissertations of Ms. Salomey Afrifa and Ms. Renata Cavalcanti Muniz (internally) at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Ms. Irna Hofman (externally) at Leiden University and Ms. Ellen Minkman (externally) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

Nota Bene: I am interested in supervising Ph.D. students working on one of the themes outlined under my Research. Please, get in touch if you have funding for your research and look for a suitable supervisor or would like to visit as a visiting Ph.D. researcher.

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