An Ode to Writing: Writing as a Practice of Freedom

What is Freedom? Many philosophers have tried to answer this question. When listening to Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability, I often think of freedom in a way of breaking through the boundaries of the ‘comfort zone’, by making myself vulnerable and in a way, opening up new avenues for personal growth. And in making oneself vulnerable, one breaks free, free from his old self, free from the boundaries, free from the habits of mind and body.

And in this odd sense, writing sets me free. It is exposing yourself to the reader, even if you are writing something professional, it is somehow showing your inner self, opening up for criticism they may have for you (oh how I fear this critique and how often I take it personally!). And all of us know that we are not perfect, and being seen as non-perfect, being ridiculed as such, being laughed at, even if by idiots, is a very daunting prospect which puts off many beginning writes, singers, poets and painters, basically, anyone creative or anyone who is ready to stand by their work as piece of themselves. And in such a way, writing for me is freedom, breaking free from those fears, allowing myself to be seen, and often, to be liked, encouraged, supported; but also criticized, blamed or simply being cut off from communications. I often find meaning of life and joy in this exercise of pushing my own boundaries and looking for freedom, and writing is perhaps the easiest way of doing that available to us all.

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