We are turning 3 years!

Time flies, as they say. And it does indeed. It’s been three years since I started this website with the first post here, and it turned into a hobby project and a little window to the world. I communicate through this website with my students, my colleagues, my friends, and win new friends. It helps me to tell the world about my research, teaching and reading habits and impressions from the world; and it helps me to present myself to the world in a way that is a little bit more sophisticated than what social media allows. It seems that readers appreciate this. Even when there is nothing new, there is an average 10 people per day who check it looking for new things. Thank you!

I have given some basic statistics on who reads this blog and how often here. I only have to add that since then the number of countries from which the site was accessed grew to 130 and the pageviews to 22000. There is of course space to grow further. Just wanted to let you know that if you have any ideas or little stories to share — you can use this blog – just let me know and we’ll go for a guest post.

But the bottom line is the following: THANK YOU for these 3 amazing years of reading, engaging and being a little community! We’ve come a long way, baby! And there is way to go still!

About Farhad

A curious mind traveling the world and reflecting on everything.
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