Travel if you want to be happy


Happiness is somewhat a mantra in our contemporary world. Everyone is chasing it. Some researchers say that one needs purpose to be happy (e.g. logo-therapy of Victor Frankl and those who follow his ideas), others claim that it is work and structure that brings routine and feeling of contentment (e.g. Weber’s work on protestant ethic). Every religion has its own view on happiness, and some argue that it does not exist beyond a moment, and that suffering as much needed for a fully lived life as happiness.

My key to happiness (or whatever comes close to it) is travel. It does not have to be far, and it does not have to be romantic or exotic. What matters is that one moves beyond a habitual area where routine has taken shape, and where one is confronted with the key questions on what is really important, that space to contemplate and see oneself from the outside. I have just completed 2 months of traveling, mostly for work, and a little for fun. Wait! My work is fun! So this distinction makes little sense!

Below are the pictures from the week long exploration of Bali, Indonesia at the end of the period. Captures would tell you where these were taken or what these stand for!

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