New Paper on Security in the Mekong River Basin. NEW PUBLICATION!

After three years of writing and revising, our paper on various ways of security being framed in the Mekong River Commission has come to light in International Relations journal Globalizations. Here one may read it. This is yet another wonderful collaboration with Andrea Gerlak with whom it is pure pleasure to work and write.

The key point of the article is that security has many faces, and it is not always what one expects. We studied the official documents of the Mekong River Commission in order to see what challenges and policy options to overcome such they have. And, to our surprise, we found that it is not “water security” that is the paramount concern to member-states, but “food security”.

This may be an interesting model for other scholars to study securitization of natural resources with the use of official documentation.


Assistant Professor at International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, The Netherlands

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