Nature, Humans and The Anthropocene (Video in Dutch)


After a long break, here I am posting again. I hope that the most loyal readers still check the website, but no problem — even those who have forgotten about its existence are likely to come back soon as exciting stuff is going to come online!

I am teaching this semester a course on the social and economic dimensions of sustainability to a group of some 150 students. I am part of a great team of 5 teachers, so it’s an exciting process of collaboration in teaching — a fertile ground for learning. And last Thursday I gave a talk on Social Theory as it relates to the Environment.

Today, when preparing for my tutorials tomorrow, I came across this show and an interview about the nature of “nature”. It is unfortunately in Dutch. I post it for the Dutch-speaking readers of the blog. I will summarize it for English speakers later during the week. The Dutch speakers could also check the Dutch VPRO programme “Tegenlicht” with much more on human-nature relationship.


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