Research & Publications


My research is focused on the intersection of public policy and the environment. Over the years, I developed 4 major lines in my research:

1) Policy Translation. I am interested in how western-born environmental and water policy innovations touch ground in new contexts in order to offer hints to facilitate and improve upon this process. Read more on this page.

2) Discursive Hegemony. I am interested in how global environmental and water policy narratives gain and maintain hegemony in policy and academic circles. What are the mechanisms by which policy models become hegemonic? What is necessary for change in discursive hegemony to occur? What impacts do hegemonies have on realities on the ground?

3) Multiple Forms of Knowledge in Public Policy. I am interested in how policy-makers and public managers can make use of multiple ways of knowing in environmental governance. Scientific knowledge is only one, there is indigenous knowledge, knowledge based on rituals, practice and values. They all are valuable and need to be included in the policy-making process.

4) Emotions in Environmental Communication. I currently have a project on environmental communication and the role of emotions in changing environmental attitudes and promoting public engagement in Azerbaijan (post-Soviet space). The key goal here is to understand and employ emotions in changing environmental attitudes and behavior of people.



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