Global Governance of Biofuels. NEW PUBLICATION!

Farhad Mukhtarov co-authored a new paper (short communication) with Professor Patricia Osseweijer from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and dr. Robin Pierce from Harvard Law School (US). It appeared in the last issue of 2014 of Bio-based and Applied Economics, a new journal devoted to the issues of energy transition and bio-economy as viewed from multiple perspectives.

The article reviews the field of global governance as applied to such an energy issue as biofuels — an example of ‘non-governance’ or very diffused private and voluntary forms of governance. This is an interesting case study of an emerging international regime or institutions to govern a transnational phenomenon which is also an epicenter for many interests involved (both national and private). This article may be useful in reviewing the global energy policies, discussing and teaching global governance and energy policy and in understanding the role of the private sector in global policy processes. The comparison of biofuels with marine and forest regimes globally also provides an interesting entry point for a further discussion.

You can check the Google Scholar profile of Farhad Mukhtarov here and access most of his publications here.

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