Supervision experience in guiding M.A.  and research assistants

I have supervised 30+ MA research papers (theses) at various institutions (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, ADA University). The list of recent MA students I supervised in their thesis writing is below.


Loic Feghali (Lebanon)


Andha Iskandar (Indonesia)

Karah Brink (USA)

Fernando Ramirez (Peru)

Aku Bleboo (Ghana)

Ploy Ponlaboot (Thailand)

Dina Aulia Ariana (Indonesia)


Kseniia Biruikova (Russia)

Aditya Alta (Indonesia)

Livita Sumali (Indonesia)

Jonathan Moniz (USA)

Romina Manga (Peru)


Research Assistants

Svenja Fox on Water User Associations in Azerbaijan and Caucasus, at VU Amsterdam in 2012

Andrea Brock on Sustainable Biofuels in Malaysia and River Basin Organisations, at VU Amsterdam in 2012

Richard Saprong on Oxford Bibliographies (entries on energy and water security), at ADA University in 2014

Milica Starcevic on Emotions and Environmental Communication, at ADA University in 2015

Josep Pinyol on Acceptance of Reused Water in Spain, at Utrecht University in 2018

Kseniia Biruikova on Dutch Water Authorities’ international activities within “Blue Deal”, at ISS in 2020

Theodore Lai Wenming on Singapore’s branding of itself as a hydro-hub, at ISS/NUS in 2020-2021

Lucia Sotomayor, on Emotions and Environmental Communication, at ISS in 2021.

PhD Students

I currently serve on doctoral committees of 3 Ph.D. students — Ms. Ilaha Abasli with Professor Peter Knorringa, Ms. Beatriz Campillo with Professor Des Gasper and Ms. Run Zhao with Prof. Jurian Edelenbos and Prof. Martin de Jong. I worked with Professor Martin de Jong and Professor Michael Faure in supervision of Jiejing Shi. 

I have examined Ph.D. dissertations of Ms. Salomey Afrifa and Ms. Renata Cavalcanti Muniz (internally) at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Ms. Irna Hofman (externally) at Leiden University and Ms. Ellen Minkman (externally) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I enjoy working with research students since this offers an opportunity for mutual learning and exchange.

Nota Bene: I am interested in supervising new Ph.D. students. Please, check Research to see my currently on-going projects/interests if you have funding for your research and look for a suitable supervisor or would like to visit as a visiting Ph.D. researcher.