New Look! All about Environmental Policy and Development

As you have noticed, the blog got a new look and a new focus. It is now exclusively professional with more attention to public policy, development, governance, the environment and science. The blog aims to become a “go-to” place for scholars and students interested in these subjects, and build an international audience that would be loyal. In due time, some more changes are possible, and I am of course going to keep my readers up to date. For now, the changes and plans are as follows:

1) The new look allows for more focus on the content with less distraction from visuals and slides
2) The new focus of the blog means that no personal thoughts, ideas or book reviews (non-academic) will be published on this blog but more on research, education, and intellectual and practical issues around politics, development and public policy
3) Since I am starting as Assistant Professor at ISS this fall, I will use this channel to communicate with students at ISS (Governance and Development Policy Major) and colleagues at ISS and my academic community of Interpretive Policy Analysis and Public Policy (I am member of various communities)
4) The primary goal of the blog remains to further research and education on the subject of “policy translation” — the travel of policy models across various boundaries
5) The ambition is to post every week with some news, interesting publications or commentary of events — so please, stay tuned!

I hope that the new refreshed effort around the blog will enhance the experience of reading it as well as the utility that brings to your life!

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