Development and Environmental Policy Consultancy

I have 8 years of consulting experience on such issues as planning and management of water resources, privatization of public utilities and training of public servants for such organizations as the United Nations Education Science and Culture Organization, United Nations Development Programme, and a number of universities, such as Delft University of Technology and Tbilisi State University. I am specialised in environmental governance issues in the region of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

For consulting or tutoring assignments, please feel free to get in touch with me either at fmukhtarov (at) or at farhad (at)

Farhad Mukhtarov has over 10 years of experience in western academia, worked in five different Education and Scientific systems (Azerbaijan, Hungary, United Kingdom (Oxford University), The Netherlands and United States) and authored over 20 articles, chapters and other academic and policy pieces. Farhad continues with his academic work at ADA University as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy.

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