Changes, changes, changes

I am excited to start a new position at Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development starting from this fall. I will work as a researcher in a project on urban water governance in Europe.

As my second affiliation, I have joined Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Institute of Water Policy, National University of Singapore as an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow. My work in Singapore is on The Mekong river delta and various aspects of water governance in Eurasia.

I am very grateful to ADA University for rich and exciting 2,5 years in Baku and will look for opportunities to continue collaborations and cooperation through the Caspian Centre on Energy and the Environment.

My email will work for some weeks, but please, get in touch using my @gmail or emails.

About Farhad

A curious mind traveling the world and reflecting on everything.
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  1. Terlan says:

    My energetic, enthusiastic, most disciplined Professor,
    your dedication and contribution to ADA is immensely huge. You and your interdisciplinary teaching will definitely be missed. At the same time,your achievements make me so proud of you and I wish you best of best!!!

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