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Reflexivity, positionality and normativity in the ethnography of policy translation

A new chapter on the role of reflexivity, positionality and normativity in using ethnography to study policy translation as a process is now available in the form of proofs. The final version will be published in the book “Translation in World Politics” edited by Tobias Burger and Alejandro Esguerra.

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Interview on Water, Environment and Consumption Issues of Baku and Azerbaijan (2013)

In an earlier post from 2013, I mentioned the project on New Baku implemented by a few Spanish researchers, which resulted in a very informative and interesting website New Baku. Within this project, the researchers made a number of interesting interviews with scholars, experts and inhabitants of Baku, among them, they also talked to me. [...]

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Oxford Handbook Chapter — Transfer, Diffusion, Adaptation, and Translation of Water Policy Models

Finally the chapter “Transfer, Diffusion, Adaptation, and Translation of Water Policy Models” in the Oxford Handbook on Water Politics and Policy is out online. The book itself will be printed next year.

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“Out of Place: A Memoir” by Edward Said — Absolutely Fascinating

It is hard now for me to pinpoint the moment when I became aware of the work of Edward Said and when it entered my personal and intellectual radars so to speak. (If interested in other posts on Edward Said, please see the post on On Being an Academic and a Public Intellectual and on [...]

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Away from Dependence on Fossil Fuels and onto BIOECONOMY! New paper!

Good news! “Away from fossil-fuels and toward a bioeconomy: Knowledge versatility for public policy?” is finally out

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Political and ethical aspects in the ethnography of policy translation: Research experiences from Turkey and China

A new article written by Martin de Jong, Robin Pierce and myself is now out in Environment and Planning A, “Political and ethical aspects in the ethnography of policy translation: Research experiences from Turkey and China”. You can download the author copy here. Abstract A currently burgeoning literature in planning and policy studies engages with [...]

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Future of Food Journal

The Ecological Agriculture group at the University of Kassel publishes a journal “Future of Food”. You are welcome to visit their page and make a contribution. More information is below. Open for Bachelor and Master students as well as more seasoned academics.

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Asian Travelogue: Singapore

Asia is not for everyone. Be ready to love food, and have stomach aches, to be frustrated with the crowds on the streets but charmed by the warmth of people, and in the case of Singapore, be ready to feel the explosive mix of everything! Why is not for everyone? Because not everyone appreciates messiness [...]

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Transfer, Diffusion, Adaptation and Translation of Water Policy Model

On Friday July 01, I am giving a talk at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS. The details are in the announcement. The paper is to appear later this year and will be found on Publications page. Synopsis: Intensive cross-border movement of policy models is ubiquitous in the water sector. Examples include Integrated [...]

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New Paper on Security in the Mekong River Basin

After three years of writing and revising, our paper on various ways of security being framed in the Mekong River Commission has come to light in International Relations journal Globalizations. Here one may read it. This is yet another wonderful collaboration with Andrea Gerlak with whom it is pure pleasure to work and write. The key [...]

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Democracy in Crisis: What Public Policy Can Do?

We live in the times of democracy in crisis. This is obvious not only in authoritarian countries, but also in traditionally democratic societies such as the US and The Netherlands. Those that are between the worlds, such as Hungary and other Eastern European countries, democracy is a patient in the emergency room. A prominent public [...]

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Lost in Translation: How to Study the Travel of Ideas in Water Sector?

This is a re-post from my earlier post (September 2010) on a blog that I used to co-run back in 2010. Funnily, my thoughts of policy translation in 2010 were already ripe, 4 years before they appear in print. This tells you how long it takes to develop ideas and then get them published in [...]

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On Chess, Public Policy and Strategic Planning

This is a re-post of my original blog post written in October 2011 for my previous blog. I am the sole author of this blog post. Karl Wittfogel, in 1957, published his seminal book “Oriental Despotism“, his claim that state-formation and organization of societies in hierarchies originated from large structural works, mainly irrigation in Mesopotamia [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Storm in the North Sea, Oilfields Evacuated

NOS Reports (Dutch News Service). This is a repost and my own translation from Dutch to English. At these moments, there is a strong storm in the North Sea. I would like to draw your attention to what is being reported in the news and how the owners of the platform behave. For one, there [...]

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Workshop on “Translation in World Politics” at Kate Hamburger Kolleg, Duisburg, Germany

Last week, on October 08-09, I took part in a workshop at the University of Duisburg’s Kate Hamburger Kolleg (Centre for Global Cooperation Research) named “Translation in World Politics”. It was very pleasing to see the ideas of policy translation making headway in other disciplines, and now also in International Relations and World Politics. I [...]

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Introducing Interpretivism in a Classroom

One key advice I got from many columns for early-stage professors is not to be afraid to experiment in a class-room. So I went ahead with this last Friday, on session 2 of my undergraduate research methods class. I had to introduce students to the ideas of social constructivism and interpretation in order to sanction [...]

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Crafting or Designing Socio-Ecological Systems? Read our Special Issue in Environmental Science & Policy

Finally, our Special Issue of Environmental Science & Policy is online, and you can enjoy the articles. You can read our editorial about the issue here, and the article I wrote with colleagues on water user associations in the region here.

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New Article! Ways of Knowing Water: Water Security and Integrated Water Management

After waiting for over a year, finally our article is online! This article is titled “‘Ways of knowing’ water: integrated water resources management and water security as complementary discourses“, Andrea Gerlak and I wrote it for International Negotiations and Environmental Agreements (INEA), a well-respected journal in the area of environmental policy and political science. The [...]

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Oxford Bibliographies: Great Resource for Students and Researchers!

Energy Security and Water Security Farhad Mukhtarov (ADA University, Azerbaijan) and Aleh Cherp (Central European University, Hungary; Lund University, Sweden), with essential assistance from a graduate ADAU student Richard Sarpong, published 2 articles in Oxford Bibliographies, Oxford University Press. One article is about Energy Security — the concept that commands great policy attention nowadays, from [...]

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Weekend Reading: “Social Theory”

One day when I was a student in Oxford, I went to a student auction to buy a bicycle. Instead, I bought a book. It was only 3 GBP and it was second hand. It was called “Social Theory: a Historical Introduction” by Alex Callinicos, and this was a start of my passion for social [...]

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