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Interview on Water, Environment and Consumption Issues of Baku and Azerbaijan (2013)

In an earlier post from 2013, I mentioned the project on New Baku implemented by a few Spanish researchers, which resulted in a very informative and interesting website New Baku. Within this project, the researchers made a number of interesting interviews with scholars, experts and inhabitants of Baku, among them, they also talked to me. [...]

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Future of Food Journal

The Ecological Agriculture group at the University of Kassel publishes a journal “Future of Food”. You are welcome to visit their page and make a contribution. More information is below. Open for Bachelor and Master students as well as more seasoned academics.

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Transfer, Diffusion, Adaptation and Translation of Water Policy Model

On Friday July 01, I am giving a talk at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS. The details are in the announcement. The paper is to appear later this year and will be found on Publications page. Synopsis: Intensive cross-border movement of policy models is ubiquitous in the water sector. Examples include Integrated [...]

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On Chess, Public Policy and Strategic Planning

This is a re-post of my original blog post written in October 2011 for my previous blog. I am the sole author of this blog post. Karl Wittfogel, in 1957, published his seminal book “Oriental Despotism“, his claim that state-formation and organization of societies in hierarchies originated from large structural works, mainly irrigation in Mesopotamia [...]

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Expressing Grief and Solidarity

The attack in Paris is a nightmare that came true. The whole world grieves with France. And so did ADA University today with the half-mast flags, the minute of silence and singing of Marseillaise after. We unite in our grief and solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

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Why I Quit Facebook

On October 30, I decided to delete my Facebook account. Having gone through the procedure, I started reading online on what people write about getting off the Facebook, and I found a few interesting articles. And then decided to de-activate it instead. Facebook is not evil (well, it is trying to be sticky and makes [...]

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Sustainability Concepts in 500 words — Consumerism

SUSTAINABILITY CONCEPTS IN 500 WORDS This is to start a new series of posts which deal with the issues of sustainable development. In order to aid in my teaching and research dissemination, I will follow the suit of some other professors, such as Dr. Paul Cairney, and limit all concepts and discussions to 500 words. [...]

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Former Israel Prime-Minister and President Shimon Peres at ADA

On October 2, Thursday, ADA University where I profess, will host a lecture by HE Shimon Peres. The auditorium will be full, there will be guests from various embassies, probably lots of diplomats. I hope that ADA students have signed up to partake, too. I am going, and I am curious. As a rule, I [...]

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We are turning 3 years!

Time flies, as they say. And it does indeed. It’s been three years since I started this website with the first post here, and it turned into a hobby project and a little window to the world. I communicate through this website with my students, my colleagues, my friends, and win new friends. It helps [...]

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Oxford Bibliographies: Great Resource for Students and Researchers!

Energy Security and Water Security Farhad Mukhtarov (ADA University, Azerbaijan) and Aleh Cherp (Central European University, Hungary; Lund University, Sweden), with essential assistance from a graduate ADAU student Richard Sarpong, published 2 articles in Oxford Bibliographies, Oxford University Press. One article is about Energy Security — the concept that commands great policy attention nowadays, from [...]

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Azerbaijan’s Province — Shaki

04 October, 2013 I woke up to thick fog of the Caucasian mountains. I could see no mountains through, the air was pregnant with rain, and humidity pressed on my lungs. I had good breakfast at the guest house and received a word of advice not to go to mountains in this weather; I had [...]

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First “Pay for Your Time” Cafe in Baku — “Tik-Talk”

В Баку новое классное место, где можно мирно посидеть, попить чайку, поиграть в настольные игры (включая чо-чо или ручной футбол), и все это, заметьте, в абсолютно домашней обстановке! Нет, я не говорю про очередное за-пере-черезчур-гламуренное кафе типа Глория Джинс. Новое место называется “Tik-Talk”, и является первым в Баку “анти-кафе”. Оно даже приятнее моего любимого кафе [...]

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WSJ — The Global War on Modernity by Garry Kasparov

While the whole of Azerbaijan, and especially Baku, were mourning the 25th anniversary of the Black January on January 20 this year, Garry Kasparov, my fellow Bakuvian, has published yet another op-ed in Wall Street Journal. However, this op-ed had nothing to do with the events of January 1990. It was about the clash of [...]

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Black January: Tragic Events of 19-20 January in Baku 1990

“Wake up, Farhad”, I bearly open my eyes “Quick, come on”, Reluctantly I wake up and see my mom full of fear and agitation.

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ON-OFF: How University Encourages Wrong Things

Yesterday two ADA students posted a video online with their shoot-out of On-Off at ADA Campus. It went viral on various national news sites and the colleagues at ADA have expressed their admiration and support to students’ “talent”, “smartness” and “innovativeness”. I can only agree that it is a good venture to have extra-curricular activities [...]

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Podium on Road Crossings in Baku

The “Firfira” company, within its campaign “Art for Democracy” has organized this action for promotion of use of pedestrian crossings in Baku. The message at the end says that we should take time to cross the roads at “zebras”. I always do! But do the drivers stop? Only if there are cameras installed and tickets [...]

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