A “pill” generation

We are looking for quick solutions to our problems, and businesses who see profits in offering this short-term relief, do not wait to make money on us. Feeling sad? Eat the cake! Had a fight with your girl-friend? Get drunk! Feeling depressed? Take anti-depressants! Can’t get an erection? Take a viagra! And now the latest invention of science — a “viagra for ladies” meant for those ladies who want to have a stronger libido and engage with coitus more frequently. These “pill” solutions do not resolve anything really, the underlying problems which cause lack of intimacy, lack of desire, lack of happiness and anxiety remain, accumulate and disturb our lives, killing us eventually. But we want the quick fixes…How sickening! A little bit more on the latest pill for ladies.

The “viagra for women” is now a fact. The US Food and Drugs Administration has approved after two earlier attempts the medication which has quickly been dubbed the “viagra for women”. The new pill is supposed to increase the libido in women and, supposedly, the following pleasures thereof. Despite the nickname, the mechanism of the pill is different from that of Viagra. Viagra, used by men, increases blood circulation to private parts of a man allowing for initiating sex, and is taken only at times when needed. Now, the pill for ladies, also sometimes called the “lust pill”, works through increasing the levels of dopamine in women’s brain parts which are responsible for arousal. This has to be taken all the time, and has many side-effects, such as low blood pressure, tiredness, sleepiness and so on. Why would then this be allowed, and likely to be popular with women around the world? Probably because we live in a “pill culture”, where problems are framed and resolved in “pill” terms.

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2 Responses to A “pill” generation

  1. Dan Jacobs says:

    I’m really not sure if anyone should be happy about the new Viagra for women. What if it also has the same side effect for men?

    • Farhad says:

      Thanks for your comment, Dan. Absolutely agree. Apart from the unknown effects on humans, it’s treating symptoms and not the underlying causes.

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