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Dear Future Generations: Sorry!

Watch this and share, please! We need to spread the message!

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March 22 is the World Water Day

Water is life. Water is economic development. Water is peace. Water is friendship. Water is culture. Nothing without water. As simple as that. Today is the World Water Day, celebrated every year on March 22. I want to wish all my colleagues, friends, students and everyone who is concerned about making this world better to [...]

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Thoughts on Brussels 22/03/2016

I am writing this in shock after the Brussels airport attacks. This is one of those places which most of people who lived in Europe and have a mobile life-style cross. Brussels airport and the entry to the metro system — I crossed this corridor a number of time, last time this was in July [...]

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Coming Soon: Emotions and Environment at ADA University!!!

This is a pre-annoncement of the experiments that we are planning to start in early April to measure how environmental communication videos work to change the attitudes and behavior of ADA students towards the environment via emotional reactions. This type of experiments has not been conducted anywhere in the world in the field of environmental [...]

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Happy International Woman’s Day!

This is to wish well to all ladies who celebrate the 8th of March. I am aware that the holiday has been covered with controversy, and many women refuse to be “celebrated”. But I also know many who do. And while I remain ambivalent about the special day to celebrate ladies, this post is nevertheless [...]

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How We Lie to Ourselves

There are no magic bullets or formulas to make a parson happy or to achieve success. Yes, there are many self-help books on “how to”, from marrying a millionaire to becoming a boss at work. But to a seasoned person who’s tried many of the given advice, it’s no news that most of this is [...]

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