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Public Policy Bits: Democracy in Crisis? What Role for Public Policy?

We live in the times of democracy in crisis. This is obvious not only in authoritarian countries, but also in traditionally democratic societies such as the US and The Netherlands. Those that are between the worlds, such as Hungary and … Continue reading

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Public Policy Bits: What Happens When Policies Travel?

“Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo) What happens when a policy idea becomes internationally popular? An idea that becomes a darling of international policy communities that propagate it and institute … Continue reading

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Public Policy Bits: Public Policy, Planning and Chess

Once a great Cuban world chess champion Jose Raul Capablanca was asked how many moves ahead he is able to see in a chess game. He famously responded: ‘one, the best one’. Karl Wittfogel, in 1957, published his seminal book … Continue reading

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