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BBC: Big Tobacco Paying Bribes

I was recently taking breakfast with two friends in a quiet district of Amsterdam. While enjoying our salmon on omelet, and conversing in Dutch, we updated each other on our lives. A friend of my friend had a new job, he became a manager of a pharmaceutical company which works with plants. His job is [...]

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The Importance of Being Stupid in Research

This year I supervise three Master students in their thesis work, and a few other written assignments of students. It’s the time when students come up with their proposals and try to work out a puzzle and a methodology around it. Now, research would not be called research if it was easy. It’s a lot [...]

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Expressing Grief and Solidarity

The attack in Paris is a nightmare that came true. The whole world grieves with France. And so did ADA University today with the half-mast flags, the minute of silence and singing of Marseillaise after. We unite in our grief and solidarity in the fight against terrorism.

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Alumni Conference of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy

Date: Thursday, May 5, 2016 – 9:00am to Saturday, May 7, 2016 – 7:00pm The academic year 2015 – 2016 marks several important dates for our Department. These are the 25th anniversary of the Department (and CEU), the 20th anniversary of the first 1-year MSc class, and 10th anniversary of the first MESPOM class. We [...]

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Why I Quit Facebook

On October 30, I decided to delete my Facebook account. Having gone through the procedure, I started reading online on what people write about getting off the Facebook, and I found a few interesting articles. And then decided to de-activate it instead. Facebook is not evil (well, it is trying to be sticky and makes [...]

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Sustainability Concepts in 500 words — Consumerism

SUSTAINABILITY CONCEPTS IN 500 WORDS This is to start a new series of posts which deal with the issues of sustainable development. In order to aid in my teaching and research dissemination, I will follow the suit of some other professors, such as Dr. Paul Cairney, and limit all concepts and discussions to 500 words. [...]

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