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Maya Angelou — Life Doesn’t Frighten Me

A great person passed away yesterday, Maya Angelou. To my shame, I did not know about her until her death when my Facebook wall became populated with quotes and tributes to her. Her poems read powerfully, even the ones written … Continue reading

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Still Doubting that Climate Change is Human Made?

To all those who are still in blissful ignorance about the causes of climate change, and especially to a few students of my Geography class who have been vocally in favour of the Earth tilt being the major source of … Continue reading

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Ukraine and “Yes Minister”!

In connection with the recent events in Ukraine, the expansionism of Russia is to be opposed by certain actions by the West. The absurdity of reliance on nuclear power and the absolute necessity to have the strong conventional forces with … Continue reading

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Oxford Handbook on Water Politics and Policy (2015)

An excellent news for the scholars and policy-makers in water policy and politics is that the new Oxford Handbook of Water Politics and Policy is contracted and currently in progress to be published in 2015! Most excitingly, this is the … Continue reading

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