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Three secrets of productive writing

Procrastination is common! Is it familiar that a moment when you sit to write something, all of a sudden everything else becomes more attractive, be this checking emails, cleaning the house, feeding the cat or calling your mom?! You happen to remember at this particular moment that the plants have not been watered for weeks [...]

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Shahdag ski resort of Azerbaijan: a nice weekend trip

“Show off” Mixed feelings took hold of me when I visited the Shahdag Wintersport Resort nearby Gusar, a town in Azerbaijan near the Russian border. There are many reviews on the Internet, and many are negative, mostly because of the atmosphere of chaos and crowded bazaar at the point of ski rental and at the [...]

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Vugar Gashimov: an Obituary

Yesterday I lost a friend. Azerbaijan lost one of its strongest chess grand-masters, the world has lost a talented player who has been gifted and determined enough to get in top 6 players of the world at one point. But above all, we lost a wonderful person who has been very friendly, positive, sincere and [...]

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