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Ways of Knowing Public Policy

Farhad Mukhtarov and Andrea Gerlak have just published an article in Policy Sciences, a well-respected political science journal, on Ways of Knowing and Integrated Water Resources Management. In this article, the authors came up with the argument that there are 3 ways of knowing reality, and public policy for that matter, which they named prescriptive, discursive [...]

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The “Baku Project” by Spanish Researchers

A team of Spanish researchers Fransisco Colom Jover, José Antonio Carrillo, Vicente Plaza and Emma Gabaldà were awarded a European scholarship to do their research in Baku. Their research is focused on the way Baku has been growing and how its evolution has affected the coastline and the Caspian Sea. While they are researching, it is [...]

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“Ali and Nino” night in Baku with Fuad Akhundov and Frydays

Ali and Nino Left: Cover of the first edition of “Ali and Nino”, in German, Vienna, 1937. For many people around the world the first introduction to Azerbaijan is the book “Ali and Nino” by Kurban Said. I met people from Costa-Rica and New Zealand who upon hearing that I am from Azerbaijan, told me [...]

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Rediscovering Baku with Fuad Akhundov

Goethe once said “he who cannot draw on three thousand years of history lives from hand to mouth”. In the last weeks, I had the feeling that I have lived my years in Baku from hand to mouth, not knowing the stories of its magnificent buildings and personalities. But now I am getting to know [...]

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