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“Technology will fix it”! How long are we going to fool ourselves?

Albert Einstein famously proclaimed that “you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”.  But we keep trying to fool ourselves that we can. We see technology as our ultimate solution, from extending our lives through synthetic biology, to arguing that we must have genetically modified food and other organisms as we are [...]

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Amazing Barcelona: Water Management in a Museum!

How often do you see a scientific concept with which you have dealt in your PhD in a museum on a sight-seeing tour? A product of isolated and a bit weird scientists in an ivory tower cannot make it to the popular arenas such as musea, right? Alas, a surprise awaited me in Barcelona!

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New Book: Water Governance, Policy and Knowledge Transfer

Guest contribution by Gül Özerol, Cheryl de Boer, and Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf. “Water Governance, Policy and Knowledge Transfer: International Studies of Contextual Water Management” is the title of a new book published in May by Routledge as part of the book series Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management. A major finding of the book is that context [...]

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