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Cigarettes for Children! Public policy issues around smoking

“Old Joe Camel cartoon advertisements are far more successful at marketing Camel cigarettes to children than to adults. This finding is consistent with tobacco industry documents that indicate that a major function of tobacco advertising is to promote and maintain tobacco addiction among children.”

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Requiem for Science?

I was once a member of a committee whose purpose was to hire a new colleague in our university department. Unimpressed with one of the candidates who claimed he was a ‘trouble-shooter’, the head of the committee, a distinguished scholar, said something I will remember for long. He said “a scientist is not someone who [...]

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River Basin Organizations and Global Governance

River Basin Organizations are ubiquitous nowadays. They carry different functions, forms and are founds across the world. However, what is the history of their evolution and who are the actors behind their prominence in water governance? Who are interested in the promotion of river basin organizations and how those actors have achieved their goals?

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