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“Chess as War and Meditation”: Farhad on Growing Up with World Champions

The article below is an invited contribution to the chess magazine published in Amsterdam. I reflect on my childhood in Baku going to the pioneer palace where Kasparov learned his first moves, playing in the hall where many grand-masters matured … Continue reading

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The Art of Translation: My Visit to Guggenheim Museum

Recently I went to the Deutsche-Guggenheim Museum in Berlin (yes, they also have a subsidiary there) to see an exhibition that inspired the name to this blog and bore the title ‘Found in Translation’.

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Working from home: freedom or luxury?

Copyright of the picture: The Economist. You must have heard of the recent ban by ‘Yahoo’ to work from home…Now, as in the picture, workers are chained to their workplace, either they want it or not. I must say, in … Continue reading

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Interview with Professor Martin de Jong on “Institutional Transplantation”

An interview with Prof. Martin de Jong of Delft University of Technology on ‘Institutional Transplantation’. Prof. de Jong is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the policy transfer school in public policy. The book he has co-edited in 2002 and … Continue reading

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