Reflexivity, positionality and normativity in the ethnography of policy translation

A new chapter on the role of reflexivity, positionality and normativity in using ethnography to study policy translation as a process is now available in the form of proofs. The final version will be published in the book “Translation in World Politics” edited by Tobias Burger and Alejandro Esguerra.

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United Nations Global Environmental Outlook 6

Dr. Farhad Mukhtarov has been invited to join the flagship publication of the United Nations Environmental Programme — Global Environmental Outlook 6 as a lead author. He will work in a exciting team of scholars and practitioners from all over the world on the chapter called “Policy Effectiveness”.

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Stories from the field!!! Water governance stories from Jerusalem, Sabadell, Leicester and Milton Keynes!

In less than 3 weeks I am setting out on my research trip to conduct an interpretive study of flood risk management policy at the local level in the city of Leicester, the UK. At the same time, I supervise three students who will conduct similar studies in three other cities, namely Roos Haasnoot in [...]

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Central European University and Academic Freedom

Last week has been unprecedented in the history of the Central European University (CEU) — it was reported in the most prestigious media outlets such as The Guardian, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Financial Times and many others. The reason for such an uproar is the tabled legislation in the Hungarian Parliament which would [...]

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The Slow Living

Reading this fantastic essay on slow living and slow writing by Jasmine Ulmer. Just started. Very interesting. Why am I writing in short sentences? Because this is the new “cool”, this is how Trump is governing. It’s fantastic. You’ll love it. But seriously, you need to read that article about slowness of being. The unbearable [...]

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The New Brave World

Many things happened in the last month since I wrote my last post. For example, Trump is the leader of the free world now. And he is already proving the oxymoron-like feature of that sentence — with his ban on Muslims from 7 countries to enter US and his rhetoric on Mexico and Brexit. What [...]

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Interview on Water, Environment and Consumption Issues of Baku and Azerbaijan (2013)

In an earlier post from 2013, I mentioned the project on New Baku implemented by a few Spanish researchers, which resulted in a very informative and interesting website New Baku. Within this project, the researchers made a number of interesting interviews with scholars, experts and inhabitants of Baku, among them, they also talked to me. [...]

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Travel Grants Available to Ph.D. Candidates for International Conference on Public Policy, Singapore June 28-30 2017

3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PUBLIC POLICY (ICPP) Organised by the International Public Policy Association (IPPA) 28th-30th June 2017 Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore PANEL T08P13 / Policy Narratives: Frameworks, Methods and Case Studies ——————————————————————————————————————– Deadline for PAPER Proposals: 15th January 2017 GRANTS. Please note the Lee Kuan Yew School [...]

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Oxford Handbook Chapter — Transfer, Diffusion, Adaptation, and Translation of Water Policy Models

Finally the chapter “Transfer, Diffusion, Adaptation, and Translation of Water Policy Models” in the Oxford Handbook on Water Politics and Policy is out online. The book itself will be printed next year.

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“Out of Place: A Memoir” by Edward Said — Absolutely Fascinating

It is hard now for me to pinpoint the moment when I became aware of the work of Edward Said and when it entered my personal and intellectual radars so to speak. (If interested in other posts on Edward Said, please see the post on On Being an Academic and a Public Intellectual and on [...]

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Art: Blurring the Boundaries

This paper from 2011 in discusses how artists and scientists can benefit each other in new and interesting ways. Above all, the complex, rewarding and at times frustrating experiences of interdisciplinary collaborations is at display through such innovative work. Another added value of such projects is the tuning of communication strategies of making science [...]

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Trump proved — we live in parallel worlds!

Trump’s presidency proves one point – that social constructivism explains the world much better than realism, positivism or whatever. Propaganda, framing of messages, providing false hopes, marketing messages to a desperate constituency — these all proved to be more important than reasons and facts. With this regard, I want to make 2 smaller points clear, [...]

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Away from Dependence on Fossil Fuels and onto BIOECONOMY! New paper!

Good news! “Away from fossil-fuels and toward a bioeconomy: Knowledge versatility for public policy?” is finally out

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Political and ethical aspects in the ethnography of policy translation: Research experiences from Turkey and China

A new article written by Martin de Jong, Robin Pierce and myself is now out in Environment and Planning A, “Political and ethical aspects in the ethnography of policy translation: Research experiences from Turkey and China”. You can download the author copy here. Abstract A currently burgeoning literature in planning and policy studies engages with [...]

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Open Letter to ADA University

Dear ADA University, I am writing to say good-bye, and apologize that I have not done that earlier. I was busy with settling into my new life in The Netherlands, but then you’d say, we are all busy. But better late than never. It was great to get to know you. In the past two [...]

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“We Must Slow Down on All Fronts” by Lieven de Cauter and Pretty Much Everyone

When I am in The Netherlands, I buy a few magazines in Dutch so that I may enjoy reading them when at home in Baku, over political, social and literary issues which I enjoy a lot. This is partly also because the Dutch have a few magazines which are leftish in their orientation, talk about [...]

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Policies on the move: translation, assemblages, and ethnography

I reviewed four recent books on the translation of policies, assemblages and the growing role of ethnography in public policy and urban studies in a new book review essay published in Environment and Planning C. These books are as follows: Blaustein Jarrett, Speaking truths to power: Policy ethnography and police reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [...]

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Changes, changes, changes

I am excited to start a new position at Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development starting from this fall. I will work as a researcher in a project on urban water governance in Europe.

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Policy and Politics celebrate the 2015 Impact Factor with…making the paper on “policy translation” free access again!

Reposted from Policy&Politics Blog. We are delighted to announce that the 2015 Impact Factor for Policy and Politics has risen to 1.2 and the journal is now ranked as one of the top 20 globally in the Public Administration category of the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. We would like to thank our authors for [...]

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Future of Food Journal

The Ecological Agriculture group at the University of Kassel publishes a journal “Future of Food”. You are welcome to visit their page and make a contribution. More information is below. Open for Bachelor and Master students as well as more seasoned academics.

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